Peak Testing Helped Fastener Distributor Save Customer $24,950

solar panelsChallenge:

A fastener distributor had a customer that was using liquid adhesive during the assembly process of gearboxes for solar panel tracking. The adhesive was allowing for variation in clamp load, slow production time, and messy application. The distributor was recommending a pre-applied adhesive patch to replace the liquid adhesive and needed validation testing to compare the two applications. The distributor had an engineering staff and testing capabilities, but the validation testing needed was not available in-house and so the distributor went to Peak innovations Engineering.


Peak provided the validation testing that the fastener distributor needed by using a torque-angle to failure test. The test results showed that the pre-applied adhesive patch provided consistent joint performance, reduced assembly time, had excellent loosening resistance, better quality joint and no mess.


The software at Peak allowed for detailed analysis with minimal time and effort. The fastener distributor would not have been able to do this testing without Peak. The Peak software and capabilities allowed the fastener distributor to get a better understanding of the threshold point for the joints in the gearbox, and ultimately provide their customer with a more confident recommendation.

Going from liquid adhesive to a pre-applied adhesive patch:
• Eliminated application time
• Eliminated application labor cost $22,200
• Eliminated mess
• Reduced chance of warranty issues
• Increase revenue
• Improved consistency of the joint
• Total cost savings to customer: $24,950

Testing Services Provided:

• Torque-angle to failure testing

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