We want to make sure you put out a quality product that will last a lifetime. Our testing can help with that by providing you with a better understanding of how your bolted joints perform under certain conditions. Our tests can reveal a lot about what is going on inside a joint and measures that may need to be taken to fix it. Our goal is to help prevent you from being a quarter turn away from a warranty issue or product defect. Testing can help you validate and demonstrate that your products meet your end objectives. Peak’s team of experts is unique in that their sole focus is on joint development and testing. This allows us to better understand our client’s needs and meet their goals.

Pick the Right Assembly Process

Before worrying about the details of that screw boss, are you sure screws are the best way to design that joint? Let the experts at Peak help you determine the best design.

Lower Assembly Costs

If your products are like most, more than half your direct assembly costs are absorbed by joining and fastening operations. Our team can to examine your fastening methods during assembly and make suggestions on improvements to reduce your fastening costs.

Let Your Engineers Improve Revenue

Your customers choose your products for their features and overall value. They only notice the joints when they fail. Let your engineers focus on engineering that generates sales, and Peak can make sure your customers won’t be disappointed.

Lower Warranty Costs

Joints are the most common root cause of failure in the vast majority of mechanical systems, and your joints could possibly be a ¼ turn away from recall. Our experts can help you determine joint failure and prevent it so your customers can have quality products.

Improve Build Quality

What are your most persistent build problems? Adjustments? Alignment? Loose Screws? Ergonomics? What do they have in common? Joint Design. Peak is the expert in Joint Design and testing.

How To Proceed

To discuss how Peak innovations Engineering can assist you in your product development and production fastening needs, please contact us at 815-847-7722, or by email at: