Perhaps the most critical element of success in bolted joint design is recognizing the limitations of using torque as an indication of a reliable joint.  In most cases, particularly in structural joints, tension is the parameter that in fact should be evaluated.  Torque is simply easier to measure.

Peak Innovations Engineering has the capability of measuring real-time bolt tension of your production bolts in your assembly using the latest generation of ultrasonic sensor technology utilizing bonded sensors.  By establishing a fixed acoustic path between the sensor and the fastener there is no measurement variation due to coupling between sensor and bolt.

A significant advantage of using ultrasonics for bolt tension measurement is that it is the only measurement method that doesn’t require any functional changes to the joint or the fastener.  Therefore there is no risk that the measurement method altered the test results.  Ultrasonic technology also allows long-term monitoring of joint tension to asses stability in use or after dynamic testing.

Whether you’re validating a new design, determining an assembly strategy, or diagnosing a problem joint – contact the Peak team to find out how their high-tech methods of ultrasonic bolt testing can be put to use for you.